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Hello very good to all community of "RustEZ" I would like to suggest a plugin / teleport mod.
Many already know me on the server. I am the only Argentine who loves his server. Undoubtedly. But I would like you to please implement the "Teleport" mod to the server. That siver to do "HOME" and respectively to go home. My idea practically is because I travel a lot of map and it demands a lot of time. Right now I have fallen "FPS" with the car mod, that's why I'm on foot. I enjoy playing the game more on foot.

The plugin that you know already is:

N Teleportation

It would be easier for everyone to go home.

It also serves so that colleagues and I can exchange things. For example, before I wanted to buy explosive bullets for sulfur and a partner wanted, but was far to go to my house to finalize the transaction.

It would also be interesting to consider placing the "R-Remove Tool":



So we do not depend on the administrators to remove objects from our houses, and it may also be that the tool is not compatible with PvE since it works for all houses with rights in the main closet, but even so, it is forbidden to lootear homes, that is to steal :)

Now another suggestion, I would love to modify the "NPC RANDOM" that appear in monuments at random. WHY? They kill instantaneously with explosive bullets, I do not even reach them to see and they make me lose the loot I get, it's frustrating, since I travel a lot of map, return to the point where I died, it's frustrating.

Thank you very much for all and I repeat. The server LOVES ME!


A warm hug to all and have a nice day of vice. LOL


Sorry for my English, I use the google translator haha



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I'm safe to assume you're either referring to Pure or Casual given we have similar-liking features on Survival and if that's the case, you should know that both Pure and Casual are vanilla and have no mods otherwise we would not be considered a community server anymore. If you like those features I recommend playing Survival as it's modded and has similar plugins to what was suggested above.

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