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PVE Base Lighting , Barricades (annoying waste of space)


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Hello , I am Fireball and probably the newest member to your forums and I have come here to say Hello and make a couple of suggestions making my own personal and my fellow gamer's experience more enjoyable.


I have lights set up in my base as everyone does and when night sets in sometimes we retreat for the night to smelt ore , sort your boxes lalala .So you run home and just get home as the sun sets  and you rush to turn your lights on , 1 , 2 , 3 (damn that ones out of fuel ) 4 , 5, bang perfect now I have light before the real blackness of night sets in , 30 seconds of nice warm candle light and bang the suns coming up again ,2 minutes later the sun is up and normal indoor light resumes,  *you rush to turn your tuna lamps off , saving fuel for the next night.

Ok I had to set the mood a bit before my suggestion.

I don't want to change the length of days , nobody has complained and neither am I although the night could be slightly longer but anyway.

Can you either tweak fuel lighting to make it super efficient or change it so lights no longer need fuel , I know on server we hired you could make the lights automatically switch on and off at dusk/dawn perhaps this was a mod but If it's possible it would help us out .We don't really get to make use of the lights as they are because the nights are so short and they consume too much fuel.I can grind scrap for hours but that rushing around for base lighting just makes it a task so I just constantly wear a miners helmet pretty much.

BARRICADES and structures without Tool Cupboards.

Can you please do something about barricades , myself If I find wooden barricade in my inventory that i picked up I either de-spawn it or recycle it if I have the space , but then there's the people who put them in the middle of the road and the next day  it's 2 wider ,  day 3 ...ok so I walk around them and carry on down the road to see a crappy twig hut built in the middle of the road with no door on it/no sleeping bag and no Tool Cupboard that has been there probably a week , still no door and still no TC..I think to myself Right ,I'l build a tool cupboard on their foundation and knock this eyesore down and actually rebuild in on a nice patch next to the road ! , NOPE doesn't work sadly so that twig eyesore will just be there for the next 2 weeks and I'l run around it and the barricades.

Now I don't know how complicated this would be to do or what would be easier , perhaps tweak the loot table so it only drops the blueprint from loot barrels  , a few of us in the server had been discussing that it would be better if structures without tool cupboards decayed overtime because the map becomes cluttered with so much rubbish which I gather effects server performance if you got soooooOOOO many structures , there has been some change in performance which we expect but this may help us a bit with the next couple of weeks there is still plenty of time for building.

 Well that's all from me cheers.


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Based on the base lighting you're either playing on Pure PvE or Casual PvPvE which is vanilla gameplay. We do have servers with no fuel consumption for lights that you can leave on without having to refuel or even fuel it for it to toggle on. These servers include Survival and Scourge PvE.

Barricades placed out in the open are against the rules and should be removed by an admin. The map is rather large so we're not able to cover everything alone. If you find any simply report it to us and we'll remove it.

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