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Kate Awpton

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So I have been playing quite a bit lately and I have noticed some changes that aren't the best.. (the pumpjack for example).. so I had an idea.

$40 for a rank called VIP+ ($20 to upgrade from VIP) - This would bring money into the server and allow players to get some extra perks.

I was thinking -

Pumpjack on every reset

1 supply drop every 12 hours

New color (your choice :))

Keep BPs on EVERY reset


Just something I threw together and I would definitely buy and I know other would too even with little perks.

Vote in the pole your opinion of this idea!

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Well its a bad idea, most players don't wanna keep the BP's. If you keep them all you won't have much to do..
Name color might be a LOT of work for Death, i don't think that can be done automated.

The supply signal and pumpjack doesnt sound bad though.


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I agree, I was thinking on like casual at least keep BPs once every 2 resets as it resets twice a month. I play casual and the benefits for casual just aren’t as good as others, instead of adding more add more to a new rank which will bring in money for the server.


maybe a teleport every 3 hours or so just to make it easy (tp request not just a straight up tp)

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my $0.02 that no one asked for, anything that can seriously affect the economy (such as pumpjacks) should be paid for per wipe to keep revenue churning to support the servers. The fact that VIP isn't already a subscription model is extremely generous. 

I think tiered VIP could be good though. Here are a few thoughts, I am sure some aren't even possible but I don't know whats possible and what isn't. 

• Faster leveling of skills (not sure if that's possible) Maybe starting at a higher skill level instead
• Starting with upgraded armor and clothes 
• Maybe a starting "welcome pack" each wipe with some basics (Rusty servers does this) 
• There is an addon that allows you remove walls and get the materials back instead of destroying them, that might be cool 
• Better stack sizes (maybe not back to what they were, but slightly better would be nice) 
• Personal boats
• Lower decay rate or cost
• Ability to sort bags, storage, and backpacks
• Easy upgrade system for building (such as Enhanced Hammer)
• Faster recycle time
• No fuel needed on more items (lights, pumpkins, snow machine, fog machine, etc) May have some impact on performance though) 
• two words: Portal Guns
• Lock out resource locations (quarry) for short time such as one hour per day
• Portable repair
• Portable workstation (once built in game) could be tiered with VIP levels. 
• Skip first night each login
• Better interface for vending machines

Just some ideas off the top of my head. 

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Having a VIP PLUS account that can be purchased on wipe/monthly/bi-monthly/yearly basis.

Something that will give me an option of AUTO-Recycle the items on pickup.  Not just auto-recycle all of them but maybe some items that could be selected from a list.


Lets say I got tired of collecting Fuses and would like them to be auto-recycled on pickup and 20 scrap go in your bag, instead of a fuse.  

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