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suggestions for US scourge


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1. Replace the currently useless Rad Storm notification icon with a Bradley noticifation icon. 

2. Attack helicopter trackable map icon, similar to the chinook.

3. Add cars back to the scientist loot tables but make it a rare drop like 0.5% chance.



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I second your suggestions.  Always wanted an icon to see where the heli is on the map (mostly for safety lol)

I did not get a car drop at all this wipe so I really like the idea of killing a bunch of scientists to get one next wipe. This would also be great for all servers as I do not play scourge, just survival 😛

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  • Staff

1) The icon is a place holder for now and I will not be adding bradley as it'll give players the advantage and camp it.
2) Not possible in the manner you'd like to see. I could use generic icon but it won't be as ascetically pleasing. I'm sure FP will add it eventually.
3) Modular cars are around the corner so I will not be adding sedans back into the game. They'll be removed from the store with the introduction of said modular vehicles.

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