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I've been spending a lot of time on another PVE/PVP server. There are a couple of things they do that really bring the fun for me. I would much rather be on RustEZ though :D

Starting with the big ones and moving down 

1. Your bases are protected, automatically from damage, as long as you've logged in every 24 hours. If you don't log in, you can be raided. 
- This includes doing damage yourself, so it requires the addition of the /remove tool I believe. They balanced this by costing a small amount of resources to remove something in order to get the refund. - You also can't remove something you didn't place, even if you have TC. 
- The length of time can be changed
- when you try to damage a building it tells you if it's protected or not

2. There is no revive option and your backpack drops when you do (VIP have access to something called "bank" which doesn't drop, but I haven't figured signed up yet) 
- this adds to the 'real' feel of PVP with the balance of not being pwnd by newbs constantly 

3. They have a /town teleport in addition to your other one, makes a nice central area for people to build also it's a safe zone and no one can loot or hurt you there. 

4. Their currency lets you buy equipment (this would be nice but not really needed, and you couldn't buy the important resources like scrap or sulfer)
- It is much more difficult to get scrap on this server, which helps balance out. They do not have the scrap vendor available to help keep it that way. 

5. They have large gray translucent bubbles over the PVP zones (helps to avoid bad stuff) 

6. Vote system for skipping night (this one I could take or leave, I don't mind the night, but it is pretty neat to be able to skip it)

7. They have a quest system to earn more points

8. Increased airdrop loot tables

There are constantly 40-80 people on this server, and if they organized a bit better and had a website, they could be doing very well. I think RustEZ could benefit from options like these (#1 being the most important to me, as this is a big thing I love doing in PVP but enjoy the less-stress environment of PVE)

Not sure how to know if these ideas are being considered or not, but I would love to chat more about it if anyone wants to. Also I can link the server if you want to come see it. 

thank you for listening!

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