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put pet chickens in the rustez store; they can be like 10 bucks or something. it would only have to be one chicken , it would be invulnerable and would serve no other purpose than to please the resident ; it could roam around the room or a perimiter or such and cluck and flap and lay useless eggs or something that give you you 1 calorie (or no calories so it cat actually be useful).

I could love it and hug it and call it george maybe.  maybe it would fall asleep next to the player and make them stink for an hour or something once waking up or poop on them while they sleep... then we wake up all mad that we have poop on us but then just go aww..he's so cute; bless his heart.

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I LOVE chickens! My first pet chicken's name was Cheepy. He was hatched in an incubator in a science class. Also, here is a pic of my favorite chickens at a small zoo near me. I'm all about those funky chickens.


I totally think this suggestion is worth Death's consideration. What a great idea, Sharla!


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