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Quarry Rework 2.0


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These quarry upgrades make me feel like I'm playing on a 100x gather server. I have enough stone, HQ, frags, and sulfur right now to last me 5 wipes (3-person team). The original quarries made us milk those babies until the very end of the wipe. Sure we had tons of stone, but we all gave it away to nakeds and such. Seems to me like the 5 quarry servers that don't have severe lag issues, are paying for the sins of the one that does. These lag issues that were evident before quarries were even implemented on it. I don't encounter severe lag on the other 5 servers like do on US Scourge. We're not all packed together like sardines. I think we should be allowed the original quarries back because they didn't affect our game play or lag. I liked running a sulfur, metal and hq quarry. Travelling around the map to fuel each one up and collect my valuable ore. Just my opinion. I have 100% faith in the best mod devs in Rust to hammer out a perfect solution.

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On 4/10/2020 at 9:26 PM, RedSkelton said:


  ,i realize  people like ME are one of the  problem not knowing when to stop... so STOP me from building huge…  just a suggestion  , If possible  could you implement a Building Level ?.  Theres no decay on survival so people can build as much as they want . Lets say you had a  building level attached to TC (not the players)  that only activates OVER  50%build level  ...and doubles at 75% and triples at  100% ,just like a level up or a certain  barrier that would stop us who dont know when to stop and force us to work our quarrys and pumps harder to maintain our bigger  tc base and discourage going over the top . This would  not affect New players  or those who build multiple( small and medium ) bases around the map cause the levels would be on single TC attached to one base  ...This would allow people to use as much quarry level up or w/e as they want  but use the mats from the quarry  on building if they build Huge ..instead of selling in camp and flood economie …   decay starts  at 50%  = (big base) ….doubles at 75% =(huge base) and triples at 100%   = ( excessive build ) .. I know me  and lots like me will continue to build bigger but this will slow us down on building and use our excessive resources and still have fun using machinerie , just an idea  , thanks for you time

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