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I'd really like to be given another chance on this server (scourge pve to be exact) its been a long time im not sure how long its even been. I was banned by Death for harrassment. I shouldnt have been so crazy and being such an annoyance in chat. Ever since i was banned from this server, every place i been too has been so unsatisfying. I often see Scourge PVE on the serverlist with the perfect ammount of players and i feel so jealous that i cant come back to this place lol. I miss the cool ass community that the scourge server had. Also how unique it was. It is honestly the most perfect zombie server that you can find anywhere on Rust. I can't say how much i regret harassing the people/staff on Scourge server and I really do miss playing on this server. I really wish i could have another chance to play here again as i had so much dam fun, spending hours upon hours farming and building the ultimate man cave house lol. Also the server events were cool as hell!

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Your ban has been lifted. Please review server rules before connecting and I look forward to having you apart of our community once more!

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