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Happy New Year RustEZ!


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For many, ringing in the New Year will have a slightly different meaning than usual as we head into 2021.  I know that being part of the RustEZ family and this amazing group of players and staff has made the last year a little more bearable.  Despite the lockdowns and the personal life issues we've all endured over the past year, we accomplished some great things together in 2020. 

Our community raised $1,650 for Charitable Rust in support of Rise Above the Disorder (RAD). We supported other charities like The Animal Welfare Institute, Save the Children, and RSPCA Australia. On the servers, player suggestions resulted in many positive gameplay changes (keep those suggestions coming). We rolled out a few new things in the past year to make EZ servers even better, like custom monuments and our virtual quarries.  

However, topping the "Best of RustEZ 2020" list is the day-to-day positive vibe of the community. From being a welcoming face on the server,  showing kindness to other players, volunteering your time to admin, or just logging in to enjoy what the game has to offer -- it's the community that makes our servers an enjoyable place for everyone. 

Thank you for spending this past year with us. We wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to spending 2021 with you. 

Please take a moment to post your best RustEZ screenshot of 2020, leave a message of thanks to players, or share your New Years' message in the comments below.

Be safe. Keep it EZ and GLHF in 2021!


Thanks for the fireworks Geri_Atric!

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Happy New Year to everyone!

I couldn’t decide on a single screenshot, so here’s a compilation of some of my favourites from the past year on RustEZ servers!

I know 2020 was rough for most of us. I am an optimist and try to see the best in things and people, and some of the best and most positive moments of the year for me happened on RustEZ servers. Personally, I was able to play the game and escape from some of the harsher realities of the world. Logging on, you can always be certain to see a friendly face, and be greeted by helpful people and volunteers whenever you need assistance. In a year where a key theme was distance and physical space between individuals, RustEZ brought us together and allowed us to keep those real human connections going, albeit in a virtual way.

We are all in this together. Never hesitate to reach out if you are feeling alone or need support, in-game or out.

Here’s to a whole new year of hilarious moments, crazy events, ridiculously funny bugs, rockin’ pool parties and concerts, and much more! Cheers to 2021!

-Alexanightfire (aka Meowy Christmas)

RustEZ 2020.jpg

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm so grateful to the community for being here this year and grateful for the admins and Death for helping steer the ship through the choppy waters. I'm grateful for all the old faces that keep coming back and the new ones who continue to surprise me with their creativity. I count myself as lucky to have found a safe place online that allows me to build, explore, play, and gather together to have fun. Video games have meant more to me than an escape this year- in the lockdown they've meant a way for me to gather with friends and meet new ones. Thanks to all for helping make that happen.


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