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Banned US Survival: Wood_[OBC]

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Just finished taking Bradley, where an admin was teasing bradley (walking near it in God mode, making Brad fire repeatedly at them) WHILE i was engaged - this confused the crap outa me and I used a few more med syringes/bandages/rackets than necessary... but so what, right? I mean, admins get to do that kind of thing because they are invincible - griefing players is totally acceptable.
Needless to say, I was recently informed about the "Bradley instancing" (lack of better terminology) so, when I went running home from Launch, and was shot at by a patrol heli, I ran inside and grabbed my big guns, engaged teh heli, did 57% damage, and when approaching the debris was told by a player to f off, get my own. (I did not know, at that point, that it was a personal heli, nor did I know, that the looting was NOT ADJUSTED like the bradley). I grabbed 2 crates, but then barfed the loot back on the ground when the player told me it was a personal heli. Then he kept waving at me, and saying things like "say goodbye to your base" etc. I have had encounters with this player before, and am curious why they would intentionally call a personal heli right at my doorstep? 
Pretty sure, that the "player disrespect" I was just banned for, should be evenly applied to the admin, harassing my attempts to do Bradley, but maybe @Death accepts that type of thing now?


Could I please see any information regarding these "multiple previous issues"?

1. changes to how bradley loot is distributed, led to my confusion about how heli loot is distributed

2. player McSquiggins is the player involved, and has had a bone to pick with me for some time now - so why did he provoke this situation by launching a distress signal right outside my base?

3. minutes earlier, the confusing episode where admin messing with Bradley I was engaged with, temporarily altered my understanding of "player disrespect/harassment"

Please consider this my ban appeal, thank you

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To Whom it may concern:

I am newer to this server (about 2 days) and wood has helped me a lot learn the game, server and offered to help. He has spoken highly of other players on the server and said it is a welcoming community, which I have found. I was not present when this situation happened but thought I would let you all know about my interactions with said player. Thanks!

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With the past warnings and everything you should be aware of, we do not allow player disrespect on our servers as it is against the rules. 

After much consideration with me and the other US Survival staff members, the ban will stay in place.
I truly hope you find a server better suited to your gameplay.

Any further questions or concerns can be directed to the head admin of US Survival.

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Your warnings do not show on the website. They are given to you in game and we write them down on BattleMetrics. Your previous warnings are:

alexanightfire at 2021-06-06 2:07 AM
Console warned for player disrespect and homophobia, following incident with two other players

alexanightfire at 2021-06-06 5:18 PM
Console warned for player disrespect and homophobia. 

AMSullivan at 2021-10-21 3:22 PM
player has been harassing another player that was looted over the fact that they were a "dumbass" and got themselves looted. they've been asked to leave the player alone multiple times. they've been warned that further harassment will result in a mute.

FertileFishy at 2022-02-11 8:52 PM
player banned for player disrespect


As for the admin who was invisible, they were just flying around watching at launch and we (myself included in some instances) forget that Bradley and scientists and such will shoot at us even when invisible. It was in no way intended to mess you up or take your attention elsewhere. I hope this answers your questions.

And due to repeated instances of player disrespect, your ban will NOT be lifted. We provide servers where everyone can get on, relax, and play and not have to worry about the usual "toxicity" that comes with Rust. We wish you the best moving forward and hope that you can find server better suited to your gameplay.



US Survival Head Admin

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4 hours ago, Wood_OBC said:

missing information: what past warnings? My profile still says zero warnings?


The warning system you see there is separate than what we use in game. Mainly due to the more laxed expectations on our forums as we know many people who come here to appeal bans may not be in the best mindset. More reason not to intertwine the two.

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1. the "dual warnings" on 06/06/2021 were from the same incident (I was trying to get clarification on a server I had just joined) The comments were not homophobic, that's why I was not removed right then and there, as per RustEZ rules of zero tolerance for that kind of nonsense.

2. a player with several months on the server, was looted by someone who was on the server for 45 minutes. The new persons "welcome" to the server, was being unceremoniously banned for going into a players base and taking what was available. There was no option for teaching/correcting - just banned. The "veteran" player had joked about luring/trolling, and so i must claim an emphatic YES - the veteran was a dumbass for creating a situation that got a brand new player banned. Veteran players should be protecting and helping newcomers to the RustEZ community- not trapping them just to see if they could get a new player banned. To add to the confusion - veteran players often leave accessible boxes of free loot for new players - which sends a confusing message. Further to that - I was not alone in making my displeasure known, nor was I the first to comment on the ridiculousness of the matter.

3. aiming for an all inclusive community, RustEZ becomes a supporter of intolerance. Where RustEZ wishes to cater to all persons; to allow people of various beliefs to have a safe environment to play in - to accommodate that, RustEZ must be intolerant of some peoples. Intolerant to someone whos thinking is altered as a result of childhood physical/sexual abuse you couldn't dream of. Intolerant to someone diagnosed with mental disorders, who struggles daily to think like a "regular" person. RustEZ's intolerance of some, and warm embrace of others - is no different than everyone else. I may have offended a few, but I've helped hundreds on these servers.

4. there was no questions asked. a player was able to pitch a fit, and I was banned without anyone questioning me - what was my side of the story?

I will miss the good players, the good admins too.

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