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Appealing a ban for "Politics" reason.

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Appealing a permanent ban for "Politics" reason.

Please provide a proof and some law articles reference.

Northstarz and AMSullivan: I will sue your a$$ for violating the U.S. laws (freedom of speech). 

I'm serious. I will waste all the money I have to get you into the court.

Unban and apologize now.

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  • Staff

Thank you for appealing.

Politically charged comments, imagery and signage is against server rules, as posted under /rules:


This is a rule you were previously made aware of when you were warned for a similar transgression on 12/7/2021:


Even with this prior warning and the pre-existing knowledge that this was against server rules, you still chose to make politically charged comments:



These comments were made after you made multiple remarks in chat regarding server rules and were informed by multiple admins that purposefully disregarding/breaking server rules has consequences. Taking all of this into consideration, your ban will not be lifted. I hope you find a server more suited to your play style and wish you luck in your future rusty endeavors.



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Not sure how you are allowed to exercise your freedom and infringe on the freedom of others.

Private establishments are allowed to set admission rules and kick you out if you don't follow them. This is no different than being banned from Disney World or Walmart. You didn't break the law but broke the rules of a private establishment.  They are not breaking the law by not allowing you on their server.


Excuse me for infringing on your rights here, but any lawyer you speak to will laugh in your face so don't sue me lol.


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