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Us Scourge MrIceFluffy banned

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Offender:  MrIceFluffy     76561198241809376
Server: US Scourge  
Time:  03/05/2022 7:44 PM
Length:  Permanent 
Reason:  Multiple warnings from 5 different admins about controversial political signs
More Info :  See BM for more info

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I would like to apeal for a ban. I was banned just now 25 minutes ago.

But i was told by the Admin Rosemary Mint that the signs i had were acceptable

Rosemary Mint on the other hand was very respectful and explanatory and i asked her about each and every sign i posted and was told that they are acceptable.


I had just asked her about my signs just before i logged off which was 1 hour before i got banned. The signs i posted, Rosemary Mint saw them and VERBALLY told me that they are acceptable.

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Your ban was enacted by SPLIFF.  Since he is the admin who issued the ban, he is the one who must review the circumstances and decide to uphold or reverse the ban.  He is also the Head Admin of US Scourge. 

As for the signage that I verbally approved, I explained to you that the current flag of the Russian Federation is acceptable to display on the outside of your base.  I also told you that the sign with "CCCP" and the Hammer and Sickle emblem of the USSR were both considered to be historical (not current) flags.  I instructed you to move those signs into the interior of your base where they are not visible to other players.  It is my understanding that the reason historical flags are not permitted is that they tend to become controversial and/or political to someone somewhere.

Apparently, you did not move the historical signage indoors and out of public view.


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