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3 day Ban: (US)Scourge Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

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I am not aware of any guilt for breaking the rules.


No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, racism or harassment.

I asked in the chat if anyone is online who wants to sell a testgen for scrap.

Then "this" user said that nobody wants to sell one. I replied that he couldn't speak for all users.

His reaction to my sentence turned toxic and irrelevant. I wanted to end this discussion with him on this, but he continued.

At the same time, Rosemary asked me to stop.

Instead of addressing the other user's toxic behavior, I asked Rosemary why I'm always the first to be asked to stop, even when the other user has started and would like to continue. However, at no time did I become toxic.

I also said  "I'm not the server's ass". I also stand behind this statement because I have self-respect.
Turning your left cheek after being slapped on the right is wrong in my opinion, because it gives the signal to all other users that you can do anything with you.

The other user, who incidentally justified his behavior with the fact that Rust was here and Rust was just toxic, was not banned.

So I ask that my positive behavior (i wasn't disrespect at any time), that I don't conform to toxic behavior, not be punished. That would send the wrong signal. I would be very happy about an unban, because it sends the right signal that a community should always treat each other in a positive and helpful way.

I also fully understand that an admin in a heated situation can take a player off the field to defuse the situation. But imposing a three-day ban on this, is excessive in my opinion.

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The 3-day ban will remain in effect as you chose to refuse to comply with an admin's recommendation. You have had multiple warnings. On the 18th of March 2022, the chat logs reveal that from the moment you logged in you wanted to take matters into your own hands regarding another player's base that you found inconvenient. You were confrontational with multiple players in global chat regarding windmills, solar panels, and test generators.  At one point, you harassed another player by saying they were "bipolor".  When you attempted to justify your own behavior (that bit about right and left cheeks) and became aggressive (i don't feed trolls i attack them), I was left with no choice to but caution you to stop.  You refused. 


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