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please unban it was a misunderstanding

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hey so i just got banned for homophobic remarks. i think cause i had a gay pride flag in front of my base. but i didnt have it as a joke! a admin warned me about something i had said and i said sorry and never continued so how can i apeal or get unbanned??? my boyfriends got banned for the same things too. we had no ill intentions and even said sorry in chat. we just want to rp on yalls servers if we can get another chance. My boyfriends profiles are faintbabyjuice and dogerki. 

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I'd like to point out, that the ban you received, had nothing to do with a pride flag. We are an inclusive community.
Your ban stems from a note you had written using a lesser, but still completely homophobic slur. This is not permitted on our server. While you did use the lesser of two slurs, the fact remains that you did in fact use it. Additionally, your excessive harassment of players is a major contributing factor.

While I appreciate that you are appealing your banning, given the number of issues you caused with your harassment of your fellow players, I cannot in good faith revoke this banning. 

The ban remains.

Good luck in your future gaming endeavors.

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