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Banned for being a helpful asshole

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I was being an a**hole to some clueless kids who probably didn't deserve it and I can accept the consequences for that.

I logged on this morning to remove the walls (as one does) and I was just gonna drop it but here we are.

I never shot at another player, and to be fair, I was the only one that was offering these two any assistance whatsoever, though I admit I was being an d**k about it. Gave them a WB, hazmat, and more, while others stood around laughing at them. I even gave the beggar three guns out of charity (and to get him to shut up) to which he said "take this shit back - I want AK's".

I told him to come to my base for free AK's, thousands of scrap, and free gearsets (which was obviously a lie) and then logged off. That's it.

I followed one of them home so I could help him if/when he got stuck somewhere again (which he did), but eventually slapped a wall in front of his garage door so he couldn't bother us with his vehicular antics.

Timeline was as follows:

Dude gets stuck in cobalt vaults in a heavy box, so I spent an hour brainstorming how to get him out even though he had a bag and supplies nearby. No admins helped him.

Dude then drives his car purposefully into the ocean, where I brought a sedan and attempted to assist him in getting it out. After I was unsuccessful I stood watching him get it unstuck while dancing. 

I then followed him to make sure he wouldn't need any more assistance, and when he did finally destroy his car by jumping it off several cliffs, I crafted him a workbench to make parts and placed it by his truck.

He said he needed a lvl 3 (which I didn't have) and just drove off after A DIFFERENT PLAYER shot his truck with a rocket, which he blamed me for. I didn't even have any rockets on me because I shot them all at my teams heli tower lol. He almost ran down two people on his way back to his base. He was a menace on the roads and so I put 4 wooden walls outside his garage so he didn't cause any more congestion in the chat.

I was getting online bright and early to remove the walls I placed, to be fair. I would never do this to someone who shows respect to the server and it's players, ask anyone.



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hello and thanks for taking part in our appeals process @smolboihippo,

when looking at your account in conjunction with this ban it was noted that on 7/26/2020 you were verbally warned that player griefing was not acceptable behavior, and again multiple times on 10/4 through 10/6 that harrassment and griefing as well as chat toxicity was unacceptable on our server.  

a month later on 11/09/2020 you were warned for surrounding a players base with tc's and walls and again notified that harrassment and griefing was not going to be tolerated on our servers.  

which brings us to yesterday where you chose to intentionally inhibit another players gameplay by placing external walls in front of their garage to prevent them from leaving it, instead of using the mute function or ignoring them.  

the ban is just and it will remain in place. 

We wish you the best on finding a server better suited to your playstyle! 



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