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Parallax (aka Vecna) banned on US Scourge

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you call it theft, I call it using TC access for gain.  Not my fault the staff and or server owner can't listen to people. but hey most of the rules are broken on a daily basis anyways, people  "stealing" Bradley loot from others buy just hitting it twice after it's blown up ( that was interesting to hear while at launch site from two players on top of a roof talking with a open mic 🤣, rivers are always blocked off  but nobody enforces that one,  TC's  are not being used  " in a small circle around bases" they are spread out  like crazy  which if you really looked at it it's a form of GRIEFING, but that gets over looked. Camping of monuments all the time but no repercussions there.  One I find very interesting is  "LOOTING OF ANY KIND" now when a player hits a barrel and that loot falls out and another player runs by and grabs it  isn't that considered  " theft " ......🤔 odd  how that never gets looked at but happens all the time. seriously if the "RULES" were delegated as they should be half if not more of the server would be banned. Now lets talk about what I did.... I simply found a glitch with your pumpjack system  and yes i did exploit it,  "theft" well tell that to the other who stole from me then taught me it 😉 . proper course of admin action would have been to pull me to an area to have a talk , not try to be sneaky in vanish mode etc then tp into my base which is admin abuse at that point and bow up on me etc in voice chat, I have no respect for power trip mods/admins etc who get their kicks playing in vanish mode / spawning shit in on players etc disrupting their time. Me being a ex admin/server owner coder  etc  It's not hard to know your around  etc, things glitch  when you tp to players in vanish mode  or open door ways are suddenly blocked 🤨 gives you away best to watch players by dbugging . Anyways  Give my loot to new players no need to let it sit and cause more entities which is 1 problem the server has and causes so much lag. Don't really care if you agree to any of this or what others think but if i were you I'd implement players to put locks on their furnaces, oil refineries, pumpjacks etc. thats truly the only way you can secure  outside items. So in short your welcome and best of luck.



Parallax aka Vecna aka ???? 😉     

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