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Ban Appeal - B1ackhawk307

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Hi All,
I don’t think many would remember me but I was banned a little over a year ago from the RustEZ Au Pure server. I hope that those few who do remember me reminisce on the fun times we had and not for my foolish actions. 

I am writing this morning in the hope that I could be welcomed back into this wonderful community. I truly believe I have learnt my lesson and certainly wouldn’t make the same mistakes. I have learnt alot and believe I have changed for the better as a person.

I would greatly appreciate your time in reviewing my case. If nothing else, I appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet some more anew.

Warm Regards,



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I do remember.
I also remember you spamming the server chat with failed logins after you were banned.
You have already made 2 ban appeals, both of which were unsuccessful. You had already appealed to Leadership on this matter because you disagreed with my decision.



Best of luck out there.


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