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US Pure Ban - finster35

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Offender: finster35        battlemetrics         Steam Profile      
Server: US Pure
Time: 9:52 pm Eastern
Length: Permanent
Reason: Griefing & Harassing
More Info (Optional): 

finster35 accused another player of shooting his mini.
They then targeted that player and decided to grief and harass that player even after the player was adamant that they did not shoot at their mini. 
finster35 placed numerous TC's around the players base in order to build block them in and then placed floor spikes and barbed wooden barricades between his TC's and the Wall he built around the players base to seriously grief, harass and hinder the players gameplay and progression.

finster35 is aware and was previously warned about griefing/harassing players and player bases and still chose to disregard this and opted to take matters into their own hands resulting in a permanent ban being implemented.

More evidence available upon request.









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  • Staff

If that were the case you should have requested help in-game from an admin, In our Discord in the help section or on our website.

He did what he was supposed to do in any cases of griefing and/or harassments and that was reach out to an admin and ask for help and assistance with the griefing/harassing. 

What you did was very extreme and blatant griefing. Even if he did shoot at your mini you should have notified an admin so we could investigate it...Not take matters into your own hands and escalate the situation to the point that you were the one breaking the rules.

Please understand that we do not come to the decision of banning players lightly and only do it when it is warranted and after I looked through the logs, talked to players and investigated the issue reported as well as what you accused him of.

You Ban will stand...However I will revert it from a permanent to a temporary one that will expire in 4 days making it a 5 day temp ban expiring on 10/28/2022 9:52 PM.

Before you rejoin our community please familiarize yourself with the rules and should you have any issues report it to our admin team and one of us will assist. 

  • No raiding, griefing, or looting of any kind.
  • No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, racism, or harassment.
  • No camping loot rooms, monuments, or any highly concentrated areas.
  • No building around monuments, or large areas of unused land.
  • You may build on rivers as long as you're not blocking passage for other players.
  • You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for other players.
  • No controversial or politically-forward verbiage and/or imagery.
  • Be a decent human being.
  • You may promote yourself once every 24 hours. You may not promote communities.

Please understand that this is a ONE time ban reversal. Should you break the rules again your ban will be reinstated and be permanent.

I look forward to seeing your return to US Pure.

- Northstarz

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  • 4 weeks later...
On 10/24/2022 at 9:16 PM, finster35 said:

North, I caught him shooting my Scrappy SEVERAL times... asked him very nicely several times to stop, he didn't and destroyed my heli. I thep put up a wall so he could not shoot my stuff anymore. if I have a ban then he should alos get banned for griefing me as well.

Funny thing. That same person did exactly the same thing to me today. Kept shooting so I landed right at him and confirmed the same name as the person in that base from last wipe. 

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  • Staff

@brivis22 If you have been griefed by anyone its always best to report it to an admin that's online,  through the help section of our discord or website. Posting a grievance or reporting on another players ban report is not the way to address the issue.

I will contact you through DM's for additional information.


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