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Scourge July Wipe Challenge: Best Zombie Bow Hunter

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Think you have what it takes to earn the title of Top Bow Hunter on RustEZ Scourge?

OBJECTIVE:  Capture the longest distance zombie kill with any bow weapon.

Players on all RustEZ Scourge servers (AU, EU and US) will have from Monday, July 8 to Wednesday, July 31 to submit their best zombie kill shots.


  • Upload a full-sized screenshot that clearly shows the hit in the kill feed.  No cropping or editing.
  • You may use a Compound Bow, Crossbow or Hunting Bow (any arrow type) for the July Zombie Hunter Challenge.
  • You can work in pairs/groups but only the player name shown in the kill feed can enter the screenshot.
  • Yes, capturing and posting the screenshot is required...
  • No cheating or being dishonest: You will be disqualified from this and all future monthly server challenges.


  • The First Place Zombie Bow Hunter will  receive a supply signal  AND a Golden Egg wipe day in August.
  • Second and Third place hunters will each receive a supply signal to use on wipe day in August.
  • A random July challenge participant will also win a supply signal, so be sure to post in this forum thread! 


Winners are announced in this forum thread prior to the new wipe.  If you win, simply ask an admin in-game for your prize after the server restarts on wipe day in August.

GLHF! Even if it's not a winning shot, please feel free upload and share your kill feed attempts, screens of your sniper gear or sniper tower here for discussion!

Previous Monthly Zombie Challenges:

 June Wipe Challenge: Best Bolty Sniper
May Wipe Challenge: MGL Zombie Popper
April Wipe Challenge:  Zombie Snipers Wanted


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27 minutes ago, smok3y420 said:

is the combat log acceptable?  this kill feed moves too fast sometimes. 


Kill feed only. That's why the challenge is actually... a challenge! ;) ~A

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Just an FYI any arrow type does not work. The flaming one will not show a kill feed. :( I had a kill at 368 with one and had to look in logs but it does not pop up on overhead.



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