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State of the Island Address #5


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Here's another summary of recent changes, works in progress, and more of those snek peks so you can truly be disappointed with our progress!


Map Size Changed (Again)

We've noticed pretty significant changes in performance and stability running 4,200k maps. It was tolerable for the most part, but not good enough to settle on. Because of that, we've shifted our maps back down to 4,000k as we've had phenomenal results in terms of both performance and stability.

This will pair nicely with our newly revised inactive decay system that will actively reduce clutter throughout the wipe. Check out https://rustez.com/forums/topic/5241-changes-to-inactive-decay/ for more info.


Custom Monuments

Since we plan to run 4k maps for a bit we've decided to continue custom monuments starting this wipe! You can check out the list of custom monuments for our March map at https://rustez.com/forums/topic/5240-march-monument-picks/


Animal Population

Due the ongoing AI bug causing stability issues we had to drastically reduce animal pops across the board to minimize crashes. Now that we've scaled our maps back down we can return these pops back to normal. We'll continue to monitor performance and adjust accordingly.


Performance Improvements

We've released several major updates to greatly improve server and client performance. Changes include improving NPC AI, reducing garbage creating by constantly recycled code and a major overhaul in our CUI library to reduce memory utilization and better client-side clean up when CUI is destroyed.


QOL Updates

In addition to our new virtual loot instancing system, we did a round of polishing on all of our features to improve performance and expand its functionality. We've also updated our /info menu to replace outdated info and a small design refresh and updated headers to reflect all of the updates we've had over the past year.

This includes a slew of bug fixes reported over the last few months and a few we've neglected for a while. I rushed through the list and didn't properly log everything so I'll have a separate post detailing these fixes later on. Trust me bro.


Zombie Changes

To improve server performance and to temporarily fix zombies infinite pursuit range, zombies will now despawn when they reach a certain distance away from their target. This will allow the zombie to respawn at random and prevent them from chasing nakeds across the map. This also greatly reduces their overhead as their AI is not constantly taxing the server as they venture thousands of miles across the map out of spite.


Our support has evolved!

We're in the process of phasing out /support due to ongoing spam issues and extremely delayed responses with our new support chat, located in the bottom right corner of the website. Our /help section will remain for inquiries that do not need immediate attention, but most inquiries can now be done through the new support chat.

Check out https://rustez.com/forums/topic/5239-our-support-has-evolved/ for more info!


Black Market

The new black market has not made it in yet. It was originally planned to release this wipe but we shifted gears to focus on polishing features we already have before adding something else. For the sake of not breaking the same promise again let's just say it'll get here when it gets here. (Shouldn't be too much longer.)

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