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  1. For future reference, saying the word "snicker" might be a better option. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/snicker
  2. A welcome consequence. Yet, some people will still use electricity. Don't worry about any of that.
  3. This is a quirky little suggestion; What if we increased the radiation levels at Launch Site (except for in the Red Card Puzzle) to be higher (on modded servers, like Scourge)? Without a Hazmat Suit, the effects would be deadly with long exposure; With a Hazmat suit, you still have a max of [5]* Radiation? This should be enough to force players to keep from sitting inside Launch Site, as they'll constantly be using Meds, Food/Water, etc. The number should be low enough for a Hazmat Suit to run through and loot the monument and lootable areas, without having too quick of a health drain. Ha
  4. @GarbapradaI have forwarded your information to the staff for [EU] RustEZ Scourge. They should be in contact with you soon, if not already. Thank you for your patience!
  5. Hey @Garbaprada, sorry you're having problems with another player. If you would give us some more information, such as the region and type of RustEZ server you're playing on, I can forward your report to the proper staff for your server. Thank you.
  6. The output for solar panels and windmills were doubled this wipe. Per Death via RustEZ Discord - @Syk3z, so yes, your issue is a bug. I've heard a few people across different servers mention it. If you could please post in the appropriate bug report thread, or make your own, that would be fantastic. Thank you. http://rustez.com/bugs
  7. This falls under the "No Camping Monuments, Events, or Loot Rooms" rule that all servers have on their information page. This rule is further explained on this page from our FAQ.
  8. Oh but they look so much prettier! Sure they're easy to fuel, but I would love to see a return of the unlimited lantern
  9. I'm probably going to get called crazy for this, but I do believe this was a feature on our server, at one point in time, years ago. This was something I specifically remember being surprised about not having, when I returned to RustEZ this past fall.
  10. /home shouldn't be a be-all, end-all system to replace vanilla aspects of the game. By having /home, all we've done is show people overtime that earning a little bit of credits can be an easy way for them to get around the map, without doing any work to get where they're going. Players shouldn't use /home just because they don't want to learn how to fly, or actually go find a vehicle. Cars are not rare; people just aren't actually taking the time to go around the map looking. Which is odd, since they can teleport anywhere they want, just to start looking. Ok, but remember that e
  11. You can place up to 10 sleeping bags or beds anywhere you want on the map, and access them through the /home command, then teleport to any one of those bags, at any time, for a minuscule credit fee. This is one system that I believe either needs to be reworked, revamped, or removed entirely. Personally, I'm all for reworks, as they tend to be less drastic. For starters, I want to lower the number of bags on the /home menu to only 5. This will force players to place bags more strategically for their needs, instead of spreading them all over a map. There are many monuments and reasons a per
  12. This, I can attest to, as I've actually been told by some people about their camping tactics for Garrisons; usually involving several fake bases along garrison spawn areas for easy teleporting. Voice communications are harder to provide, however...
  13. You'll always be welcome on US Scourge, Niro. We love having you around.
  14. Hi Tooly, sorry to read that happened. Unfortunately, I'm no Staff, so I can't directly help your issue. But I will pass this off to our RustEZ Discord for you. If you ever need help with a simple issue like this in the future, getting in touch with the #help channel in our Discord is the best way to get an admin's attention (provided none are in the server already.) You can join it here: http://discord.gg/rustez/ I'm passing this over to the help channel now. Hope your issue gets resolved soon!
  15. What you're referring to is our Inactive Purge system. It was implemented this wipe to clean up the bases of inactive players on our servers. The intention being to improve server performance and stability, and destroy entities that were not being used. If you find yourself inactive for a long period of time, it's your own fault. In a way, the system is similar to Base Decay on our decay-enabled servers, except all you had to do is login to not get destroyed. I argue the contrary- I much more enjoy a map with bases that are actually active or being upkept, rather than endle
  16. If anyone steals your unicorn float, you let me know, and I will show them a fate worse than death.
  17. This is a very divisive topic, and I would like a moment to offer an opinion as somebody of little previous interaction with the person in question, Dicko. Also speaking as somebody who hasn't been active in the community for long periods at a time, which might offer some perspective towards people like me, or those who are new to this topic and do not know already. @Dicko A La Mode, when I first joined RustEZ years ago, I'm pretty sure you were already an admin on US Scourge at the time. I remember you being a decent guy, and I'm pretty sure you helped me out several times when I needed
  18. Sure, if you do a definitive majority of the damage, it is within your rights to say how much loot you're going to take. However, camping is NOT allowed. So, no, don't let campers take it.
  19. No... Why would I walk into someone else's base for any reason? I'm not interested in looking through other people's stuff, and on some servers, it's against the rules. How are you able to know that someone's boat isn't bought? What evidence do you have that they found their boat lying around? If you're having trouble finding a boat spawned on the beach, don't go around blaming other people for it. They might have nothing to do with it at all. Just get yourself some scrap and go by a boat. Or, if you're patient, just keep trying to find one. It's not other people's pr
  20. So, let me get this straight... You trespassed inside of other player's homes, just so you could find a boat, and then said they were being disrespectful?
  21. At the moment, I think we're just asking that players who fought the heli get admin assistance if you think someone is taking loot from a heli you think is yours. Admins can check the logs and make a judgment call on that. If you find that you're not seeing the damage% announcement in chat when you do an event like this, can you please fill out a bug report for us? That'll make sure the bug is documented and doesn't get lost somewhere else. https://rustez.com/bugs/
  22. This mechanic is also true of the Oil Refineries. By default, both things start with wood in them when placed. It's exploitable, but we've looked into this, and it's not as bad as you might think. You're bound to break a few salvaged hammers before you're really making enough wood to build anything with it. It's just a game mechanic that both the Hobo Barrels and Refineries start with wood when placed.
  23. Hey @DeadAries, unfortunately the Horses got a major nerf a few updates ago, and no longer produce nearly as much dung as they used to. This is a highly debated topic in the Rust world, but the nerf intended to balance the horse dung and make it seem like a rarer, more valuable item to compost. According to the composting table, it's still a very lucrative item, and 5 Horse Dung can give you 250 compost. It's just harder to get than it used to be. I'm not sure if we have the ability to increase these drop rates on our modded servers, either.
  24. Hi @Antithasys, what RustEZ server do you commonly play on? We have multiple types of servers, Pure, Survival, and Scourge. As a Scourge player, I know that people will build on land and then sell their buildings, and never once have I seen those actions be punished or frowned upon. If you'll let us know what server(s) you're suggesting this for in your post, I think it'll really help clarify your suggestion.
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