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  1. Other players not effected even if authed
  2. Tesla coil hurts the player that places the coil on their own tc. Granny was able to reproduce this with a large battery and tc auth.
  3. Imported from Help by Northstarz US Pure Furnaces, and refineries if deployed by a player is not able to be accessed by anyone else unless they have auth. on the tc.
  4. A report was given player is unable to edit her post does not have the option under the three dots. I do have the option under mine.
  5. Offender: Offender:戒掉 BM Steam Server: Eu Pure Time: 10:30 am Length: perm Reason: admin witnesses player stealing from base and multiple reports of player being toxic towards others in the community.
  6. Offender: Offender:骄傲的Baby BM Steam Server: Eu Pure Time: 10:30 am Length: perm Reason: admin witnesses player stealing from base and multiple reports of player being toxic towards others in the community.
  7. Offender: HanzG Bm steam Server: Eu pure Time: 1:05 est Length: perm Reason: Multiple looting thefts More Info (Optional): Loot logs for container 13760386: Name ID Time Status HazeG 76561198797561363 10:16 PM 09/09/2020 Offline HazeG 76561198797561363 10:18 PM 09/09/2020 Offline HazeG 76561198797561363 10:19 PM 09/09/2020 Offline HazeG 76561198797561363 10:20 PM 09/09/2020 Offline Loot logs for container 22557274: Name ID Time Status HazeG 76561198797561363 04:23 PM 09/10/2020 Off
  8. Us scourge on a newly placed pj, player bivlive and myself now have share container stuck on screen bivlive restarted rust and was still there. After restart no share buttons in items but now share is still on screen
  9. after opening small wooden box my share button is now inverted. Shows when not in box, open box and its gone. Second time its done this now.
  10. can access admin panel on back but not the inventory. Granny was able to place vending same resolts
  11. Thank you for your report, admins from your server will look into this. I can tell you there is no dibs on land.
  12. Please send all concerns of Admin abuse to death and/or leadership with the contact us link at the bottom of the page. As far as your personal attacks my political standing i will not indulge them as this is no place for politics its a game were people come to relax from their day to day. There are plenty of outlets that welcome these conversations we are not one. This ban was for toxic chat, at this point the ban player shows not remorse in the actions the did in chat directed at the players on the server. There for this post will be locked. Again please take the time to read th
  13. This is the political post i asked you to read as it clearly lays out our policy on any politics in our community. Your ban as stated did not take in account of the politics see its was a new policy and were allowing players to learn it. The ban was for your statement just before you logged out 9:22 AM Geri_Atric: so FUCK ALL you usless right wing racist cunts This is considered Toxic. as your appeal shows no remorse in your actions the band will stand. Please take this time to review the rules/policy's.
  14. Offender: Geri_Atric BM Steam Server: Us Survival Time: 9:25 est Length: 7 days Reason: Toxic chat More Info (Optional): After requesting several times to discontinue political chat player was muted, I informed via chat of policy changes and that is needed to stop. Un-muted player after being muted for 2 mins. player then stated "so FUCK ALL you usless right wing racist cunts" and logged off. This would be the 3rd interaction with admins witch would normally be a perm ban, but seeing the political policy is new i will look past the ignoring admin request to stop and issue the
  15. psshhh yall just don't like my "art", i see how it is.
  16. jacktapper


    Players are able to jpipe to other players quarrys and pumpjacks to steal items directly from them. Player also informed me any player can interact with the jpipe and change its settings.
  17. jacktapper


    Not sure why but lately ezsalvage does not report the owner to items that were removed. Had to use the cord's to find the player that stole two quarry's.
  18. Offender: Staint Bm Steam Server: Au Scourge Time: 10:35 am Est Length: Perm Reason: Fly Hacking More Info (Optional): Player was fly hacking on server, telling players he was an admin. With only 20 mins on account I can assure the players he is not an admin.
  19. After player has one placed they attempt to place a second and are kicked to main menu with a (RPC Error in DoPlace) when they return the get a dupped quarry
  20. jacktapper


    no lock no share option
  21. informed this morning this is still ongoing Player gave bed to friend, lost all beds in their home list.
  22. Offender: Hybrid BM steam Server: Us Pure Time: 6:54pm est Length: Perm Reason: Stealing Admin Disrespect in voice, Ban Baiting More Info (Optional): After interaction with granny while attempting to steal a players mini, player became belligerent with granny. Telling her to "fuck off", and "fucking bitch". After a short time later they verbally told another player they were trying to get banned then proceeded to loot a tc and attempted to give the loot away.
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