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  1. Changed Status to Released
  2. Not able to reproduce. If this is still an issue please provide your chassis configuration.
  3. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 10.23.20
  4. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 10.23.20
  5. They will not do much damage and will likely not count for the owner's overall damage (Yet to be determined.) The helicopter will also not respond to its damage so there wouldn't be an issue of a particular base being able to solo helicopter by spamming sams. The natural deterrent from spamming them would be electricity and the cost of rockets. All of this is subject to change and adjustments will be made as needed. The reason for this is to give SAMs a purpose, as well as its ammunition.
  6. All traps will hurt the owner, this was an intentional change with the new PvE system a couple of months ago.
  7. I have no idea what would cause this. I've forwarded this bug report to the developers of Battlemetrics. I will update this report as soon as I hear back.
  8. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 10.22.20
  9. You can only edit a post for a certain period of time after creating it. This is typically veered at preventing users from defacing older posts and threads. It was set to 15 minutes but I've just now increased it to 7 days. We've had issues in the past of threads being defaced by users who have since departed. (Deface generally refers to replacing the entire post with random numbers/letter or something inappropriate.)
  10. Changed Status to Released Changed Version to 10.22.20
  11. This may have been related to networking issues we had with generic map markers earlier this month that has since been fixed. I wasn't able to reproduce any other issue so I'll mark this as fixed. If this is still an issue please respond to this report.
  12. The bradley in question has since been removed. Thanks for your report!
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