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Unban Request

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Hi all some of you probably remember me from my days back on rustez that I was not always the most friendly and talk down to some admins, but for that I am sorry that is my past I am now older and have learnt a lot of life tips and aggression control tips to be able to be a better person. 

I feel so terrible for how I treated some people in my past but I am hoping for a fresh start and to make some new friends along the way so I please hope that you take this into consideration before declining this for I do not want my past self to ruin the community as it once did.

I look forward to hearing about the appeal and hope you seek forgiveness of me but as always enjoy your day>

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  • Staff

Thank you for taking the time to appeal again.

Previously, you have been advised by Leadership that any further appeals would be closed without further comment, however, I'm genuinely glad to hear you feel you have taken steps to improve how you interact with others so I am responding as a matter of courtesy.

I would remind you of the nature of your initial bans, and the many chances you were already given to make changes at the time.

This ban will remain in place as stated in the last rejection from Leadership.


Best wishes with your future gaming endeavours,



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